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The application was just too short so I added diff questions to get to know me and new pix, hope u like..
1.)name Monique
2.)nickname(s) Nikki
3.)age 16
4.)location Seaside, NJ
5.)school High School North
6.)birthday March 5th, 1988
7.)favorite store(s) Libby Lu, Fashion Bug, Hot Topic, and Pac Sun
8.)favorite makeup brand(s) Cover Girl and O'real
9.)favorite movie(s) My Girl, Almost Famous, Clueless, and Mean Girls
10.)favorite hobbie(s) Hanging out, Partying, going online, and talking on the phone.
11.)favorite color(s) Pink and Purple
12.)favorite song(s) Haanging by a moment(Lifehouse), Love takes time(Mariah Carey), Fallen(Mya), If I aint got you(Alicia Keys),and Take my breath away(Jessica Simpson)
Something Most People Don't Know About You
13.)the one thing u cant live without The phone
14.)how would you describe yourself? Unique, Honest, and Accepting.
15.)post between 2 or 3 clear pictures of yourself

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