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They say, "I'm Pretty."

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Mirror tells us the truth.
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This COMMUNITY is kind of different looks/styles of people (MOD, punk, ROCK, Indie, Prep?.lol, hair styles, clothing?) on way you like to express yourself. It's like any other rating Community. I always joined communities and still in some. It's just they get sooo harsh if you don't SMILE, and find your every imperfection? I don't wanna be that mean!

<3 Mod 1957promqueen


1) Fill Out Application.
2) Be either boy or girl, ALL SEX welcomed!
3) Post at least 3 pictures?(Please just lj-cut!No nudity! (I don't care if your smiling, sad, in ur underware, have nazi sign's.... I DON'T WANNA SEE YOU NAKED!)
4) You can only start COMMENTING on others when you are stmaped YES by the Mod (1957promqueen).
5) If you are stamped NO.. uhh..SORRY?
6) Don't join if you can't take harsh words from others, cus i can't control there feelings about ppl.
7) If you break any rules, I'm gonna be a bitch and ban you b/c you made me mad.
8) No trailing! Don't add us, and never join! Join bitch!

1. Name-
2. Age-
3. Sex-
4. What music you like?-
5. Hair color-
6. Eyes-
7. Pictures...

If your STAMPED..................

1) At least rate ppl weekly.
2) Comment and blah, you know this deal! he!